About Us

Academic Research Group was conceived by a group of medical and software professionals in 2010.  During the college days and thereafter whenever searching for information (or trying to publish research work!), one feels that there is a chasm between medical informatics and actual availability of information. Though good journals have existed for more than a century, a gap is always there between research in the lab and that available to the public.

To narrow this gap we at ARG returned to our institutions and after brainstorming with academicians decided to come up with a robust publishing platform that is not only economical but gels well with existing indexing and information retrieval systems.

Our team worked hard and within six months we launched AJMS – Journal Management System.

Our software powers over 15 healthcare journals and AJMS is much more than just a software. It is a service that enables editors to focus on the academics and leave technicalities of running the journal to a team of dedicated professionals.